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Gum Grafting Procedure

Oral Surgery Associates provide soft tissue contouring and grafting treatments for patients seeking to improve their smile. A consultation will determine what gum contouring or grafting procedure is recommended.

There are different kinds of gum tissue grafts that can be performed. The graft procedures include:

Connective-tissue graft - This is the most common root exposure treatment method. During the procedure, a skin flap is cut on the roof of your mouth (palate) and tissue from under the flap, called subepithelial connective tissue, is removed and then stitched to the gum tissue around the exposed root. The flap is stitched back down after the connective tissue (the graft) has been removed from the palatal flap.

Free Gingival grafts – Free gingival grafts, like the connective tissue graft, involve the use of tissue from the roof of the mouth. But instead of making a flap and removing tissue below the top flesh layer, a small amount of tissue is removed directly from the mouth's roof and then attached to the treated gum area. This method is commonly used in people who start with thin gums and need extra tissue to enlarge the gums.

Pedicle grafts - In this procedure, it is grafted from gum around or near the tooth that needs repair instead of taking tissue from the palate. The flap is only partially cut off, called a pedicle, so that one edge remains attached. The gum is then pulled over or down and sewn into place to cover the exposed root. Only people who have plenty of gum tissue near the tooth qualify for this procedure.

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