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Wisdom Teeth

When 32 teeth try to fit in a mouth that holds only 28 teeth, wisdom teeth removal is an option

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Dental implants are replacement teeth that look, feel, and function like natural teeth

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Bone Graft

Technologies have advanced and we now have the ability to grow bone where needed

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Oral Surgery Associates

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Dr. Pennau

Dr. Pennau

Dr. Pennau’s professional skills and interests cover a wide scope of the practice of oral and maxillofacial surgery including wisdom teeth removal, dental implants, bone grafting and preprosthetic surgery, IV sedation and general anesthesia, orthognathic and reconstructive surgery, facial trauma, and oral pathology

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Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt within the mouth. When they align properly and gum tissue is healthy, wisdom teeth do not have to be removed. But when you need a local oral surgeon for wisdom teeth removal, contact Team OSA

Dental Implants

Dental implants are changing the way people live. They are designed to provide a foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel, and function like natural teeth. The OSA surgeon will help you feel like a new person and restore confidence.

Bone Grafting

Bone grafting can repair implant sites with inadequate bone structure due to previous extractions, gum disease or injuries. This helps gives us a chance to restore functionality and aesthetic appearance.

Facial Trauma

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are trained, skilled and uniquely qualified to manage and treat facial trauma. Injuries to the face, by their very nature, impart a high degree of emotional, as well as physical trauma to patients. Schedule a consultation and let's talk about your situation.


Some patients require minor oral surgical procedures before receiving a partial or complete denture, in order to ensure the maximum level of comfort. Our Colorado Springs oral surgeons are ready to prepare your mouth for your new dentures & partials.

Jaw Surgery

Orthognathic surgery is needed when jaws don’t meet correctly and/or teeth don’t seem to fit with jaws. Teeth are straightened with orthodontics and corrective jaw surgery repositions a misaligned jaw. This improves facial appearance, but also ensures that teeth meet correctly and function properly.


Tissue grafting may be needed when gums start to recede. There are several different grafting procedures to help reduce tooth sensitivity and gum inflammation. The exact type of gum graft varies. Schedule a consultation and let Dr. Pennau review your specific circumstance.

Oral Pathology:

Oral pathology is a specialty that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases, including oral cancer. Dr. Pennau is involved in all areas of disease management including research, diagnosis, examination, and treatment.

Oral Surgery Associates

Industry Leading Doctors

Dr. Pennau is diplomate of the American Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. He is a highly trained, comprehensive specialists who practice with cutting edge techniques, equipment and standards.


Three-time BBB Excellence in Customer Service Award winner! Oral Surgery Associates promotes best practices in customer service in an attempt to make our community a better place to live.


Team OSA has over 100 combined years of oral surgery experience.


Colorado Springs first oral surgery practice to offer this dynamic image guided implant placement.

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Consecutive multi-year peer awarded top Colorado Springs Oral Surgeon.

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Our patient’s testimonials showcase our dedication to providing an experience in excellence.

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