X-Nav Technologies Brings Surgical Navigation into the Dental Office for More Accurate Implant Results When Replacing Missing Teeth. Please ask your provider if you are a candidate.

The X-Guide™ Dynamic 3D Navigation system expands the surgeon’s control over the implant process during live surgery.

The X-Guide™ system utilizes the surgeon’s plan to provide turn-by-turn guidance during live surgery, giving the ability to visualize precise movements of the handpiece during osteotomy and implant delivery for more exact placement – it’s like GPS for the drill.

The X-Guide system makes it easy to be exact by providing robust treatment software plus new, patent-pending X-Point™ navigation technology – the first, single-view guidance of implant position, angle and depth, now surgeons can place in remarkable detail as well. With the X-Guide system in the dental practice, same-day guided surgery can be a reality for more patients. This is a big advantage, as more patients want results to be functional and aesthetic, while  minimizing complications and optimizing their time.

According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, 3 Million Americans have dental implants to replace missing teeth and that number is growing by 500,000 a year. The X-Guide system fills the final gap of digital dentistry to use all the 3D digital information at their finger-tips in real-time to immediately use their Cone Beam 3D scan to plan and place implants.